Project: Heat transfer in high temperature instrumented microscale compression molding
University: LSU, Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator: Dr. W. J. Meng, Professor Michael Khonsari
Graduate Students: Susheel Brahmeshwarkar
Contact Information: Professor Michael Khonsari

Project Description:

Nickel micro scale inserts with diameter of the order of and length are used for compression molding of Pb plates with LiGA at a temperature range of 100-3000C.
A transient heat transfer analysis is helpful for elucidating possible thermal influences when the inserts and the metal have different temperatures.The heat transfer is dominated by conduction between the moving Nickel insert and the mold plate. Research is being conducted to determine the temperature distribution of the insert as a function of time. Both analytical and numerical solutions are used to simulate the actual problem. The profiles of temperature variation along the geometry of the inserts give interesting insights into the values of the mechanical properties like the yield stress along the geometry.

Fig. 1 Apparatus Used and Fig. 2 Punched panels

Main Objective:

1. To simulate the temperature distribution in the Ni inserts as function of time.
2. To use this information to foresee the mechanical properties of the insert.

The temperature profiles at different locations can be plotted as follows:

Fig. 3 Numerical Solution using ADI method (Temperature variation along height)


Fig. 4 Numerical Solution using ADI method (Temperature variation along radius)



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