Project: Thermodynamic based approach to predict fretting and wear.
University: LSU, Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator: Professor Michael Khonsari
Graduate Student: Sarosh Mumtaz Quraishi
Contact Information: Professor Michael Khonsari

Project Description:

The rotating machinery components undergo various kinds of damages; wear is the prominent from of damage so it is imperative to be able to correctly understand the mechanism of wear and factors which influence wear. Unfortunately wear can unfold in many different kinds, and all of them are very complicated processes involving mechanical, environmental and chemical effects.

Based on the first principles it has been proposed that entropy increase is the appropriate criteria of damage, wear damage inclusive. So the aim of this project is to develop better machinery degradation models based on the laws of thermodynamics. The prominent damage types focused here are fretting and wear.

Main Objectives:

1. To create thermodynamics based models of fretting fatigue and wear.
2. To correlate wear to entropy increase.


1. Thermodynamic model to predict fretting fatigue life is obtained the results are

Fig. 1


Fig. 1

shown in following figures:

2. Sliding wear rate predictions have been obtained based on the micro asperity fracture. The thermodynamic model predicts wear rate for a given material combinations and surface conditions










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