Lewis LRI-8H Bushing Tester

The LRI-8H is a bushing tester for shafts and bushings in both rotational and oscillating contacts. Friction coefficient is measured and recorded along with four temperatures around the outer diameter of the bushing. The thermocouples are located at top dead center (location of contact) and in 45 degree increments.

Loads of up to 3000 pounds can be applied using weights hanging on a load arm. Test can be run dry or greased, as well as with circulated oil flow using oil sum with adjustable temperatures and flow rates.

The bushings have an outer diameter of 1.25 inches and a length of 1 inch. The inner diameter of the bushing as well as the diameter of the shaft can be changed to achieve desired pressure and contact.

The second option with the testing machine is a set-up which allows rotational and oscillating test for a block on ring configuration with adjustable ring diameter and block width.


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