Lewis LRI-1A Tribometer

The LRI-1a Tribometer is a large scale Tribometer which can apply a load of up to 200 pounds through an automated lead shot distribution system that is incorporated into the machine. Testing configurations include thrust washer and 3 x 0.25" square pins on a 0.938" diameter. Many other configurations can be added or adapted to the testing unit. The LRI-1a measures friction, wear to 25 millionths of an inch, and temperature of contact. Acoustic data can also be gathered.

The bottom sample in the vertical tester is fixed while the top rotates. Speeds of up to 5000 rpm can be reached in continuous modes and many sweep angles and frequencies are optional for oscillating tests. Series of tests can be run for different speeds and loads set by time or wear, adjusting automatically. Alarm and shut down values can be set to allow for the machine to run days at a time if needed.

Options on the machine include the wide variety of adapted specimen, bottom pad heater, lubrication chamber, and oil mist generator.


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