CETR Universal Micro-Tribometer (UMT)

The UMT can be effectively used for the tribological testing of many different materials, coatings, and lubricants. The most common methods of testing include pin on disk (ball on disk) and disk on disk configurations. The versatility is almost limitless by allowing the accommodation of upper and lower samples of practically any shape. The top, stationary sample is attached to a vertical linear motion system with a 150 mm travel length combined with a side to side travel of 75 mm.

The UMT is outfitted with two separate lower specimen drive units. The rotational drive for the bottom specimen allows for speeds of .001 rpm up to 5000 rpm in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The drive can either rotate continuously or incrementally, reversing directions. The reciprocating drive allows linear oscillations with a wide range of frequencies and a stroke length up to 1 inch. An optional heating chamber is available with the reciprocating drive.

The tribometer uses a 6-D sensor to measure forces in the x, y, and z directions as well as the torques. The data acquisition allows for real time viewing of data and records the selected forces. The system can apply up to a 50N force downward and can measure a 20N force in the x and y directions.

Modifications include fixtures for powder lubrication experiments, vertical journal bearing tests (cylindrical viscometer), seizure testing, and head gasket testing.

Reciprocating Drive Unit


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