Education & Outreach (E&O) and Industrial Collaboration

The cornerstone of any successful technological development is the group of people that support and sustain it. On the basis of this philosophy, the CeRoM's primary challenge is to continuously nurture and develop such a group of individuals in the interdisciplinary area of rotating machinery with particular emphasis on relevant scientific and technical innovations. At the same time the Center will seek to enhance the general public’s awareness and expanded opportunities for under-represented minorities and women. The goals in education and human resource development are to integrate strategically with the research and organizational/partnering opportunities of CeRoM and will achieve the participation of highly qualified U.S. students, including under-represented groups. The role of CeRoM is not only to encourage research in science and engineering, but also to educate students and contribute to the public awareness of the benefits of the research, missions, and other aspects related to rotating machinery areas. Because of the diverse education mission, CeRoM plans on establishing an Educational & Outreach Advisory Board (EAB) with a management assessment team to review the program effectiveness. The EAB will include several national leaders in education/outreach area, plus the representatives from the following CeRoM partners: (1) East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, (2) Louisiana Engineering and Science Fair, (3) Louisiana Space Consortium, (4) LSU Center for Scientific and Mathematical Literacy, (5) Louisiana Arts and Science Center, as well as (6) Various Professional Societies.

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